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Icom IC-7800 samt SP-20

Discussion in 'Amatörradio Säljes' started by SM7UZY, Sep 28, 2019.

  1. SM7UZY

    SM7UZY Well-Known Member

    Flyttar in till stan med minimala antennmöjligheter varför jag säljer min “lilla” älskling.. Det tar emot, men vad göra. :(

    Stationen fungerar självklart utan anmärkning, sparsamt använd och kommer i sin originallåda, gigantisk manual, 3st (nya) VFO ringar, 230v strömkabel och mik.

    Ni får även med Icom’s SP-20 högtalare i sin originallåda.

    29500 kr ligger den ute på DX, men kom med förslag.

    -> Görs affären innan november sänker vi priset en del där vi kommer fram till ett bra pris för oss båda.

    mail: tillsalu snabela sm7uzy.se

    Info: Har dubbla individuella mottagare med bra känslighet, 200 finna watt, riktig ATU, vattenfall, 7” display samt utgång för monitor, inbyggt stabilt nätdel, Ethernet, 48v stegmatning m.m.

    Radion är uppdaterad med 3.01 firmware.


    Lite spec saxat från nätet:
    The Icom IC-7800 is clearly one the most advanced amateur radio ever developed. It utilizes four separate 32-bit floating point DSP chips, has a 7-inch wide TFT display, built in RTTY/PSK31 receive and transmit plus compact flash technology.

    As impressive as the features are; it is performance that sets this radio apart. By sparing no expense an incredible +40dBm intercept point has been achieved with ultra wide dynamic range. And you enjoy this incredible performance in two fully independent receiver circuits controlled on the left side of the radio.

    There is even a separate preamp and mixer for the 6 meter band. The rear panel features four primary antenna inputs [SO-239] plus provisions for receive antenna A and B. And nothing is sacrificed on the transmit side. The newly designed push-pull MOSFET amplifiers work with a 48 VDC, providing a powerful 200 watts of output at full duty cycle with low IMD in all bands. A 120 VAC switching power supply is built-in. The supplied accessories include: rack mounting ears, compact flash [64 Mb] and various plugs (mic not supplied). This radio covers the HF ham bands plus 6 meters (receive from 30 kHz - 60 MHz).

    The high resolution 7 inch TFT color LCD display provides more operating information than you've ever had before, including a spectrum scope. And Icom really stands behind this radio with a limited two year factory warranty. Important Upgrade Note: Icom has produced an important upgrade for the IC-7800. They have added a 3 kHz roofing filter. Ver. 2.0 is displayed at the lower right corner of the display when the radio is first switched on during the boot up sequence if it has the 3kHz roofing upgrade.

    - Four 32-bit Floating Point DSP
    - +40 dBm ultra high Intercept Point
    - Automatic Tracking Preselector
    - Two Independent Receiver Circuits
    - 200 Watts Output
    - Ultra High Frequency Stability OCXO
    - 7 Inch Wide Color TFT LCD
    - Multi-Function Spectrum Scope
    - RTTY/PSK31 Operation without PC
    - Antenna Control
    - Multiple Scan Formats
    - Screen Management
    - Manual Digital IF Notch Filter
    - Professional 6 Meter Receiver
    - Digital Voice Recorder
    - Compact Flash Memory Slot
    - Voice Synthesizer
    - CW Audio Peak Filter
    - High Speed Automatic Antenna Tuner
    - Main/Sub Receiver Connections
    - RS-232 Port
    - Ethernet Port
    - Dual Passband Tuning
    - Configurable AGC
  2. SM7UZY

    SM7UZY Well-Known Member


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