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Matrix till repeater

Discussion in 'Sändare och mottagare' started by SA7BNT, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. SA7BNT

    SA7BNT Active Member

  2. SM0TSC

    SM0TSC Well-Known Member

    Varför inte använda PCREPEATERcontroller som G4KLX skrivit tillsammans med USB ljudkort och en Raspberry Klarar även DSTAR via ljudkort eller GMSKmodem
    The analogue controller includes the following features:

    • Selectable 1750 Hz or CTCSS access
    • Choice of acknowledgements (pip, K, etc)
    • Speed and tone of the callsign and acknowledgements adjustable
    • An external interface to things like EchoLink, IRLP, etc.
    • Adjustable timings
    • Adjustable look and feel
    • Portable, runs on Windows and Linux
    • Open source

      One of the reasons for writing the analogue controller was to create a logic unit that could be customised to either replicate an existing logic unit, or to create a new sound for a repeater. In the past almost all repeaters had a unique feel, and I hope to re-introduce this with this software, as well as simplifying the construction of a repeater.
  3. SM7I

    SM7I Well-Known Member

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