MS: Your Passion Killed My Performance


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Hello from almost Microsoft in Redmond. I am--for reasons you will see below--writing this from the hotel (Residence Inn, Redmond Town Center, nice place, free broadband) after a day of really great meetings. I'd hoped to file updates during the day but was unable to. And now I am toasted and wouldn't make sense if I did start to write. So, I'll start my trip reports as soon as I can.

Special Note to Readers BillG and SteveB:
Hi Guys--I spent today (Monday) over at Building 43, locked in meetings with various product teams. Learned a lot, there's some great stuff in the works. I'd hoped to be one of those information workers you show in the ads--the kind of guy who can do work from anywhere, access his corporate network, swap files, all without breaking a sweat.
However, the Microsoft network is so locked down that even knowing the name of your proxy server I was unable to connect to the Internet, my email, my network--anything, actually--all day long. This really sucked.
Perhaps Microsoft's passion for security (long in coming as it was) could be expressed in more useful manner: One that doesn't cancel out my ability to do all these things Microsoft keeps telling people it enables them to do.
And in my experience you can do those things, just so long as you aren't a guest on the Microsoft campus. And that's wrong.
Thanks for listening (I am in Building 50 all day Tuesday).