Truckstops Cheaper Than Starbucks (for both Wi-Fi and coffee)


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One of the things I noticed on my drive from the Bay Area to Las Vegas and N+I this week were the billboards for the Flying J Travel Plazas (aka truckstops)s advertising their Wi-Fi hot spots. Needless to say, I had to stop and check one out.
The first thing I noticed was that the pricing is much less than what T-Mobile charges for connectivity at Starbucks. An hour of Internet access at the truckstop is $2 compared to $6 at Starbucks, which seems expensive to me. An annual Wi-Fi subscription is $200 at the Flying J compared to $360 from T-Mobile. Coffee costs less at the truckstops, too.
Yes, there are more T-Mobile hot spot than there are Flying J truckstops (not all of which have been connected as yet) but the point I want to me is that T-Mobile is a rip-off and the truckstop's $2-an-hour connectivity proves it. Of course, I look forward to the day when either we won't need hot spots or they will be free--a trend I already see developing.