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VHF-DX-Group VHF Database

Discussion in 'Övrigt' started by SM7NZB, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. SM7NZB

    SM7NZB Administrator Staff Member

    Hallo dear VHF friends,

    as you possible know, the VHF-DX-Group DL-West has built up a
    VHF-DATABASE, to spread infos about activities and locations
    of active DXers. These VHF-DATABASE will be given out to DXCluster
    and USER to work with it as a tool, also to include to logbook
    programms as VQ-LOG from EA6VQ, or OHTestLog from OH6HFX....
    Therefore it is necessary to ask from time to time about your
    details and data-updates. We will try to spread around a new
    issue of these VHF-DATABASE (version 2.00) in the end of sept.


    which all will bring you to the ONLINE VERSION of our
    VHF-DATABASE (maintenend by DH3YAK) or use an DX-CLuster
    where you are able to check your details with command:
    sh/vhf "call"

    Than please fill in your details in the sample down of this info,
    or info about call / locator of new active stations on VHF/UHF...
    Please be so kind to send it back to the editior of this DATABASE:

    DL8EBW, Guido Juenkersfeld, c/o VHF-DX-Group DL-West

    via PR-BBS-System: DB0LJ.#RPL.DEU.EU
    via Cluster-System: DB0SUE-7
    via e-mail: guy@dl8ebw.de

    The example of a complete data sentence:

    Call : Rufzeichen : AB1CDE
    DXCC/WAE : Land : AB
    LOC-WW : Lokator : JO55AF
    PR-Adress : PR-BBS : DB0CDE
    PR-Cluster: DX-Cluster : DB0CDE-9
    E-Mail : Internet : user@Botatown.de
    Op-Name : Vorname : Siegbert
    Activity : Aktivitaet : 50-144-ms-FSK441-WWConvers...
    RIG : Equipment : 144:100Watt 11el MGF1302
    NOF/LPM/MS-RIG : 155 3000lpm MSDSP
    NOF/SSB : SSB-QRG : 144.355
    Update : Update : 08/03

    NOF CW/SSB will be the normal-operating-frequenz which is
    used as skedfrequency at MS, EME, Contest etc.!
    For MS work you also can determine the max. speed and the way
    of decoding (eg. MSDSP, DTR ...) you will use!

    The VHF-DATABASE will be also alinged with the EUROLIST of DK3XT!
    Many thanks for all the help also to: DH3YAK, DK3XT, DK5YA, DG0KW,
    EA6VQ, OH6HFX, several DXC-Sysops and many many more....

    Wuppertal 30-08-2003 73 de DL8EBW, Guy, c/o VHF-DX-Group DL-West

    * 73 de D L 8 E B W Guido (Guy) DL66a/JO31NF +++++++++++ *
    * * * VHF-DX-Group DL-West * * I *
    * qrv Meteorscatter: SSB,HSCW(3500lpm) and FSK441 VHF I DX *
    * Editor of the "MS-SHOWER-LIST" & "VHF[MS]-DX-DATABASE" *
    * http://www.dl8ebw.de/DATABASE-Project/DATABASE-Project.html *
    * PR-BBS: DL8EBW@DB0LJ.#RPL.DEU.EU DX-Cluster: DB0SUE-7 *
    * e-mail: guy@dl8ebw.de homepage: http://www.dl8ebw.de/ *
    * ICQ-Pager # : 278108951 *
    * Our actual VHF-ONLINE-DATABASE: http://vhf-dx.scam.de/ *
    * 144MHz MWS: http://www.dl8ebw.de/MWS-Project/mws-project.html *

    Because of privaty protection, we will NOT spread out any adress-
    or telefon-datas! (personal datas can be better find in callbooks,
    searchroutines or Call-Databases like QRZ.com!) If you wants to
    send us your adress or tel.nr. it will be given only to our
    vhf-group datapool!

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