Working K5QE in the ARRL Sept VHF contest....


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Litet QTC här, om någon vill köra lite EME så kan detta vara ett bra tillfälle kanske.

73 de SM7SJR

Hello to everyone in the EME community. This year, the ARRL September VHF Contest will be held Sept 10th, 11th, and 12th(only 3 hours). The contest starts at 1800Z Saturday, September 10th.

We want to work as many EME stations on 2M, 432, and 1296 as possible to increase our grid count. I know that the EU VHF contests do not allow EME contacts, but the ARRL contests do....and EME is a big part of our efforts here at K5QE. Please help us with this event by working us on EME. Thank you very much.

Our moon pass begins at 0130Z and ends at 2200Z on Sunday the 11th. Check with us on the HB9Q reflector(432 and 1296) OR on the N0UK EME-1 page(2M). We will monitor those pages whenever we are on EME.

As usual, we will be operating 2M on 144.142MHz Second sequence. On 2M, we will be running QRO with 8 x 18H and ask that you try to work us if you see us during the contest. On 2M, JT65b is still the mode of choice, so we will primarily be calling CQ and working stations on JT65b. We can run with you on Q65-60C if you coordinate with us on the N0UK EME-1 reflector.

The 432 EME station is alive again. We will be operating 432 EME on 432.080MHz second sequence with 16 x 28el all H-pol and about 650W. We will call CQ whenever we can. Again, coordinate on HB9Q 432 reflector. Some stations are running Q65 and some are running JT65b. This is problem, but we will probably be primarily using JT65b unless we coordinate on the HB9Q 432 reflector.

The 1296 EME antenna is a 4.5M dish with 500W output. We will use Q65-60C on 1296.090, second sequence unless otherwise scheduled on the HB9Q 1296 reflector. That is where we will be looking and posting when running 1296.

The ARRL rules allow Assistance to all stations in the contest. This means that you can look at the Internet resources and post to them too!! Whenever we are working EME, we will be on the HB9Q reflector(432 or 1296) or the N0UK EME-1 page(2M), so you can coordinate with us there. Remember, NO CONTACT DETAILS can be posted. The Internet pages really help with the contacts, so please use them freely.

If we see an EME caller on 2M, 432, or 1296, we will do our best to work you. If you see us working another station, PLEASE KEEP CALLING. That allows us to decode your call while we are finishing up a QSO with another operator. If you call in on CW, we will switch to CW and work you on CW as soon as possible.

If you don’t see us on EME, please check back later because we may just be doing a bit of Search & Pounce or waiting for the tropo station to finish a QSO.

Good luck to all in the contest and we hope to see you there. Thank you.

73 Marshall, K5QE - EM31cj
East Texas, USA


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En undran, hur mycket utrustning behövs för respektive band. Det har ju tillkommit digitala moder sedan jag vände antennerna mot månen…
4 x 23 el. Cue-Dee och drygt 100W på 432 gav ju ett QRZ från DL9KRQ (?)…
Hade det räckt idag med något digitalt, fast jag har bara 2 x 23 och det passar inte denna helg….
/ Tommy


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Jag är lite osäker, så vet inte exakt men helt klart är det ju inte alls lika mycket som krävs som "förr".