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Yaesu renodlar sin verksamhet. Överför sin proffsradio del till Motorola....

Discussion in 'Allmänt om Amatörradio' started by SM0TSC, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. SM0TSC

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    Yaesu Musen

    It appears that Vertex Standard Co. Ltd is transfering the Land Mobile Radio (LMR) business to Motorola and returning to the name of Yaesu Musen.

    A letter dated Dec. 27. 2011 apparently from Jun Hasegawa President/ CEO Vertex Standard Co. Ltd addressed to "Dear Amateur, Marine and Air-band Valued Customers" says:

    "After four years of joint venture with Motorola, we have decided to transfer the Vertex Standard LMR business to Motorola and focus on Amateur, Marine and Air-band business. The effective date for this reorganization will be January 1, 2012. Our company name will once again be YAESU MUSEN"

    Read the letter at

    2007 - Yaesu and Motorola
    Yaesu and Motorola
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