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High quality QSL cards by LZ1JZ QSL PRINT

Discussion in 'Amatörradio Säljes' started by lz1jz, May 24, 2020.

  1. lz1jz

    lz1jz New Member

    High quality QSL cards printed by LZ1JZ QSL PRINT
    I could print your
    - Single Color QSL cards
    - Two Color QSL cards
    -Full Color QSL cards
    -T shirts
    I've made many QSL cards to SM6JSM, SM1ALH, SM5AQD,SM7HZK and others.
    Please visit my web page:
    Please send message to my emails: LZ1JZ@abv.bg or LZ1JZ@hotmail.com
    or send message to SM1TDE -Eric to his email: sm1tde@ssa.se
    Special prices for club orders !

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