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Mods.dk ?

Discussion in 'Övrigt' started by sm0gjk, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. sm0gjk

    sm0gjk Well-Known Member

    Vart har mods.dk tagit vägen, har varit borta någon vecka nu.
  2. SM6VVG

    SM6VVG Well-Known Member

    Följande mail fanns på en tysk site, ska vara från han som har mods.dk.


    The provider that host http://www.mods.dk has suspend the webhotel.

    I don't why, I think that it has something to do with some illegal
    files that is on the server, but I'm not sure, and they haven't told
    me that exact reason.

    I'm very sorry about this issue, but I hope that mods.dk wil be
    running again very soon.

    Propably I must move the site to another provider, but I will maybe
    take some time, since mods.dk is a very popular site and require much
    traffics, about 2.5 Gb daily.

    If you will in contact with me you can write e-mail to me at

    mods at mods dot dk


    oz2aep at mail dot dk

    Best regards
    Erik Hansen, OZ2AEP
  3. SM6VKC

    SM6VKC Well-Known Member


    Detta meddelande fanns på yahoo:

    Hi John.

    I have some problem with my provider that host mods.dk. I'm not sure
    what the problem is, and they will not tell me anything.

    I must probably move to another provider, but it will take some time,
    since mods.dk is a big site, with very much traffics.

    I hope mods.dk will be online again very soon, but in the mean time
    you can visit a mirror at http://mods.dyndns.dk, but it can be a
    little slow.

    Best regards
    Erik Hansen, OZ2AEP
  4. SM6RPZ

    SM6RPZ Well-Known Member

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