QSL kort önskas till utställning


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My name is Rafael Delgado (EB8BFJ).
We to be a group of student of the University
of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
We to be making a work on telecommunications, the radio amateur.
We like QSl and a photo of its equipament, for our work.
The photos that to received would be placed enn a exhibition so that =
people see.

My address:
Rafael Delgado
C/ Aconcagua n 37 p5 pta3
Casa Blanca 3
C.P. 35014
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Islas Canarias

In the name my and the of my companions thank you very much for all.
We when finishing the work will send a memory to him by their

WE TO NEED ITS QSL VIA MAIL, us to expose it with all those that have
arrived here in the University
Thank very much.
We also to send mail QSL of here via mail