Closure of the UK ionosondes


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Dear fellow hams,

The funding threat to the UK solar-terrestrial programme has been
communicated by various ham radio resources including

Considering the feedback I have received from a number of scientists,
the spread of information is indeed very much appreciated. I asked
myself how radio amateurs may be encouraged to follow the scientists
request for support letters. With an open letter addressed to the
chair of PPARC I hope to create a platform allowing other radio
amateurs to join the initiative very easily. The open letter is
available at

At this point, your support is requested which means:

1) Read the open letter
2) If you can agree to it you are requested to send me an email
specifying your full name, callsign, home town and, if available, a
web address
3) I will then place your name at the bottom of the open letter

The open letter has been submitted to PPARC on May 09 but I will
continue accepting signatures.

vy 73,

Volker (DF5AI)

Amateur Radio Propagation Studies,