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You might have read about things like LOGGERNET, DX-spider, telnet, CHAT, but not really understood what it's all about?

Here is a brief explanation about these words, and some suggestions.
!!! If you ARE or want to be a user of the DX-cluster network, you better continue reading until the end of this page. !!!

Loggernet is a function in the VHF/UHF logging program LOGGER, by SM0LCB Ulf.
It is basically a system where you share your QSO information with other stations connected to loggernet. You can view their logbook, and communicate. You also have a online score list.

DX-spider is a DX-cluster program made by G1TLH Dirk. This is a server software which run both under Linux or Windows. The normal end-user, contesters, DX:ers connect to this cluster-node by using normal Packet Radio on VHF/UHF or telnet via internet.
Manual on:

Telnet is way to connect to a DX-cluster node, ex. a DX-spider node. This is a TEXT based interface. You need a TELNET program, included in all Windows computers. In the telnet program you define the address to the dx-cluster node you want to connect to, and a port number. Usually the DX-spider nodes use port 8000. A very simple and small telnet client free to download is PUTTY.

The WEB-Cluster, DX-Summit is a web interface to that is connected to the cluster network, and presents the DX spots and Announcements on a webpage. If you are a frequent user of this interface, I would encourage you to LOGIN to a "real" cluster-node using Packet Radio or telnet. Otherwise you will not be "seen" and no one can TALK to you.

To communicate with a station connected to the cluster the command TALK is used. Unfortunately there are several problems in the Cluster-network, and TALK does not always work OK.

Instead users misuse the command ANNOUNCE/FULL to talk to each other. ANN/FULL is spread to ALL users World-wide, many thousands. This is not a proper way to SKED stations or tell them what you had to breakfast. The ANNOUNCES can not be filtered but you can turn them OFF, which most users do since most announces is just garbage.

The DX command is the command to spot a station you hear to ALL users on the network.
Lately this command is also misused by many stations making SKEDS and talking to each other. DX-spots can be filtered in some extent.

Now about the CHAT function.
In the DX-spider nodes, clusternodes that use the DX-spider software, there is a function called CHAT. You can JOIN a chat group and communicates with other stations that joined the same group. The text you send to this chat group will ONLY be seen by people that actively selected this.

You can JOIN many different groups and CHAT with different people in different groups at the same time.

The commands to know:

CHAT MW Anyone for sked on 10G?

Use groups VHF, UHF, MW, FSK, EME. Now also group 14345 is used.
SH/CHAT shows the latest CHAT´s sent in the cluster network. Here is a conversation in the FSK CHAT group.

sh/chat FSK
15Aug2003@16:45:55 I6BQI -> FSK hello any1 on?
15Aug2003@16:54:09 HA5TS -> FSK here
15Aug2003@16:55:18 I6BQI -> FSK yes tnx I hope to info every FSK to using this group for MSG: :)
15Aug2003@16:55:50 HA5TS -> FSK ok
15Aug2003@17:00:44 HA5TS -> FSK lcb: yes it seems to be..
15Aug2003@17:29:50 I6BQI -> FSK dl1nfi u here?
15Aug2003@17:31:34 I6BQI -> FSK dl1nfi u here?
15Aug2003@17:39:37 F5RRS -> FSK Test
15Aug2003@17:40:29 I6BQI -> FSK f5rrs welcome to NEW FSK group
15Aug2003@17:54:51 F5RRS -> FSK I6BQI Sorry for delay...New DXC software here !! HI !
15Aug2003@17:56:53 I6BQI -> FSK f5rrs no problem :) gl with new software
15Aug2003@17:57:30 F5RRS -> FSK I6BQI Tnx..73's
15Aug2003@17:58:58 I6BQI -> FSK 73's
16Aug2003@09:19:52 I6BQI -> FSK gm
16Aug2003@16:50:44 SM0LCB -> FSK QRV from JO89XI with 50W and 6 el...
17Aug2003@14:00:33 SM0LCB -> FSK test de sm0lcb
17Aug2003@14:01:15 SM0LCB -> FSK test agn de sm0lcb
17Aug2003@14:32:11 SM0LCB -> FSK Ulf in JO86GH QRV FSK441 with 50W and 6el on 2m.
18Aug2003@08:29:48 SM0LCB -> FSK Ulf in JO89XI QRV FSK441 with 50W and 6el on 2m.
SM3SGP de SK3W-6 18-Aug-2003 1359Z >

In Sweden there are several DX-spider nodes to connect to via Telnet: 8000 8000 8000 8000

Hope this small introduction did not confuse you, and see you all in the MW chat tomorrow in the Contest!

73 de Gunnar, SM3SGP
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Try these groups:

The command is JOIN SM.

73 de GUnnar, SGP