Kommande "hot" eller problem, FCC RM-11953

ARRL:s respons till RM-11953
Tar inte mycket hänsyn till de internationella implikationerna, men ändå rätt bra


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ARRL har låtit W1RFI göra ett bra jobb, och för en gångs skull låtit advokaterna och de med maktambitioner i ARRL
stå tillbaka för ingenjörerna, precis som det ska vara.

Vi får se hur det utvecklar sig, kom i håg "Den Gyllene Regeln".
Här kommer ett informerat "mothugg",

vilket inleds med följande "passning":

"Coalition’s Petition is extraordinary in its scope, and if granted, would result in loss of spectrum availability worldwide, turning the critical “Fixed Service” spectrum into a CB-radio free-for-all loudness contest.
The Petition: (a) advances unjustified claims about the lack of interference complaints while ignoring the publicly-available evidence of actual interference; (b) omits any technical data to evaluate the spectrum efficiency; and (c) proposes emission masks that would result in substantial interference to the detriment of safety-of-life users of the critical Maritime and Aeronautical HF bands. It completely fails to justify the revolutionary changes it proposes.

Moreover, the Petition’s supporting Coexistence Report (“Report”) is defective to the point that it misleads the public and the Commission. Among other flaws, the Report ignores best engineering practices, relies upon unjustified assumptions, omits necessary information, and even contradicts Coalition Members’ existing experimental licenses. It is simply not credible"