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Dear all

About two weeks ago Ivan, OZ7IS and EDR VHF Committee Chairman, contacted me to find out if it was possible to set up a Chat Forum for the Nordic VUSHF Contests.

Ivan has many times wanted to get in contact with DX stations during contest but even a 432 MHz talk back could not be used so he proposed to me the "Internet talk back QRG," i.e. a Chat Forum.

I immediately contacted Torbjörn, SM4XDJ, who was smart and quick in setting up this mailing list when needed, if he could provide hosting of a chat forum/application. Fortunately Torbjörn said yes so we tried to find some relevant software for this puspose. However, we have not yet managed to get hold of such a package. So I have decided to try out the concept on the
Yahoo! groups.

I therefore encourage you to join the Nordic VUSHF Contests Chat Forum, relevant for all Nordic VHS Contests not just NAC.

On-line Chat Forum for participants in the Nordic VHF, UHF and SHF contests, e.g. NAC. The purpose is encourage more activity and instant DX QSO attempts.

The purpose is not another mailinglist!

How to join
Send an e-mail to:

without any subject and body

In order to avoid spam and other unwanted intruders only I can send e-mails to the members of the chat forum, secondly I have to approve all members.
Only the future can show if this strict policy can be relaxed.

If somebody is looking for a software project for the comming winter please let us know.

(The Yahoo! Groups are far from perfect for this purpose but it is available here and now, despite other preferences).

Let's try it out and learn, see you all tomorrow during 432 MHz NAC.

Bo, OZ2M