SP startar med VUSHF tester 2005


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Mail via OZ2M, tack Bo:

Subject: SP Activity Contest starts from 2005

Dear Friends,

I have a pleasure to announce a bit earlier than through official
channels start of SP Activity Contest.
The main goal is to push activity among SP VHF OMs on VUSHF bands and
give an opportunity to work SP stations from our neighbour countries.

Best reagrds and CU on the bands, 73!
Michal SP2IQW

my working conditions:
2m 150W into 2M5WL antenna, PA driven by TR751A (I would replace it by
IC746 or new model soon)
6m 50W into 5-el F9FT, rig: TS690S
100masl with clear view to Scandinavia, hills from South to West

Here you can find small collection of pictures from my QTH (sri, it is
not yet a page): I suggest to download and view off-line

Se http://www.sp6.vgj.pl/spac.php
/ 73 Tommy