UK - SM VHF window proposal


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After having had my antennas (4 x 15) broken in the storms last October I finally got them re-built last Sunday evening - only a little over 10 months! Seem to be working OK - finished connecting up just before moonset and even with no pre-amp connected (6dB or so NF) first key down brought good echoes so something is working again!

So - I hope to be QRV in the 2m NAC/UKAC again this evening. It's always possible for UK guys to work Scandinavia - and that includes many more stations than just me, but very few QSOs actually happen, mainly because antennas don't get pointed that way very often because of relatively low QSO density on both sides.

Therefore I propose that UK and Scandinavian stations beam towards each other in the period 2000-2015 UTC. I will do this and hope to be around 144.288.

Last time I tried this it didn’t actually result in any QSOs, but this can't be down to propagation - SK7MW is workable every month, and lots of the OZ folks are much closer and louder than them. So let's all try and increase all our scores!

Hope to work a bunch of the Scandinavian folks and that the Scandinavian folks will work a bunch of Gs tonight!


Andy, G4PIQ